1 November. 2nd day libero. Tehran

November 2, 2017

The same happened on previous trips: unknown cities change their name once you are there. This time Teheran changed into Tehran and I will stick to this (locally used) name from now on.

Tehran has 9 to 15 million inhabitants. In the morning Pieman Daftari picked us up and we visited together the Golestan Palace. Though not so well maintained it gave us an impression of the past.

in the Palace garden with Peiman

Thereafter a lunch at home with Farideh. She cooked exactly the same dishes as during my visit with Hans Bok in their Boston MA Mansion in April 2013, but I was honest by saying that I did not remember these details.

In the afternoon we visited a coffee bar called SAM Café. This one looked so trendy and served so good coffee, it could have been anywhere in a capital in Western Europe.

Then started the most emitional part of our Tehran visit and that was to see the Tomb in which both Mehrdad and his son were burried. Everyone will appreciate that we did not make any photo’s there nor that I will give details of the tragic accidents leading to the death of my special friend Mehrdad and (six months earlier) his son Fardad.

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  1. Wat een gave reis!! Veel plezier bij het vervolg.

    by otto | 03 Nov 2017 | 17:24
  2. Gave reis!

    by otto | 03 Nov 2017 | 17:24