5 November. 3rd day libero Kalari Kovalikom

November 7, 2017

After our two weeks experience in Ayurveda Hospital at Kalari Kovalikom in January this year, we liked to see it again and show it to Urs.

After all WB [WijnneBarends] is now building ships in Goa, more or less in the same area so we may be around next year as well.

Everything looked unchanged: the premises, the doctors, the Yoga teachers, the cook, the garden, the Russian Patients, the massage crew, the shop selling medicines, the smells etc etc.

high water level at the Doctors’ consulting place

garden and surroundings at Ayurveda Hospital

Dr Manoj and Dr (?) checked upon our health and asked how we felt. We invited them for one of the launchings of one of the WB next year. Eric Baar was aware of this.

A lunch was prepared for but since we were in a separate room we could ignore one of their rules: no talks when eating. Ha ha

I could resolve a problem by paying again 60% for Indian herbs, paid in January but destroyed by the Dutch customs who must have believed it were illegal drugs. So we shared the losses.

the pond of Karma Yoga

detail of a wood carving in an old door

good bye Ayurveda Kovilakom

Returning to Coimbatore

We returned to our hotel, but not without making a stop at the Bishop’s House in Pallakad.

Sophie got that address from an Indian lady, Mary, in Locarno, who supports this institute in Kerala. An attached place with one priest and 2 sisters taking care of 25 very poor girls from 7 to 15 years old. Mary prepares each year in Locarno an Indian dinner for more than 100 people. The proceeds of this dinner go to this institute. Moreover she brings the money herself. I believe that Sophie has promised her the attendance of the entire Aerolocarno and Paracentro staff next year. It all depends now on you, Bettina!

It was indeed very nice to have this free day. One day no airport, no fuelling, no customs, no waiting, no take-off, no FPL, no approach, no landing, no surprises.

Tomorrow we will continue our trip, this time a short one to Hyderabad.

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