12-13 November. 5th and 6th day libero. Luang Phrabang and Mekong River

November 14, 2017

Luang Phrabang was exactly as descripted by Julia, by Conny/Hein and by Ryanne. The hotel recommendation by Conny/Hein was excellent.

view from our Hotel Maison Souvannaphoum in Luang Phrabang

Maison Souvannaphoum

We had 2,5 days here which we consumed with much pleasure. Such nice people, nice city, nice surroundings and climate. Enough tourists, like we, but bearable. Sophie must have visited at least 10 temples/pagodes. The pilots perhaps 3, but they are anyhow often closer to heaven, than non-pilots.

the Museum

Luang Phrabang with the airport

Mekong River

The second day we made a boat trip on the Mekong River. At the end we climbed 180 stairs to a cave of little interest, but after another climb of 210 stairs the day before, we now can feel our calves very very well.

our boat cruiser on the Mekong…

not very clean but at least a lot…

It would be a good idea if the VolvoOceanRace boat ‘Turn The Tide on Plastic’ would change course (she is ranked only 6th or 57 Nm behind Dong Feng Race Team, so they won’t loose a good position anyhow) to the Mekong River, since this river is full with plastic and in Laos everyone is fond of plastic bags. The Tide on Plastic has certainly not turned here yet and it may never do so. People have here apparently other problems in life.

He had to finish our trip at a French café where Huegette must have been many many years ago. If the airport charges would not be so extravagant expensive we might come back here another day.

coffee break at Luang Phrabang

We escaped from a purchase of ‘Chinese antique’ after advices given by Stepan Pan in Hong Kong and Hans Humbel in Kilchberg. Thanks gentlemen!

Tomorrow we will proceed to Hanoi. Flight of one hour only.

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