15 November. 7th day libero. Hanoi

November 17, 2017

A very interesting city indeed. Never thought of this possibility. In spite of the millions of people, shops on the streets AND scooters, the city is kept clean by all the shop holders. Perhaps cleaner than Amsterdam.

Hanoi downtown

This time we really did not have the hotel we wanted (Metropole) but a French hotel Mercure. It was nevertheless proper and clean ánd in the middle of the city.

The first evening we still had dinner at Metropole.

It did cost us an arm and a leg, probably because Sophie started to order for all three of us French Champagne. ‘God punishes immediately’

busy Old City

now it’s time to clean the brown shoes…

The city looks as lifely like Hong Kong, but in certain ways there is still a lot of work to do.

latest cable technology or perhaps energy management by chaos…..??

The tourists, seen in great numbers, will surely give the country a big push. Interest is high.

it’s time to change our investment strategy

There really was some fascination we felt about the city

Everything for Winsome and Piksborg is here available as well at very competitive prices. Mac and Miku take care!

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