16 November 16th leg VVNB-VVDN (Dà Nãng) 366 Nm

November 19, 2017

A short and not so exciting flight. By now we are already a week East of Kolkata and the landscape did not change anymore. Lots of trees, always green, water, wilderness all around us. In the air lots of CBs [Cumulus Nimbus, type of cloud], temperatures high in the air.

departing Hanoi VVNB

bad weather during the descend and approach

on final RWY 35 R ILS W

short final RWY 35 R at VVDN

Also Danang had to be changed like Kolkata, Tehran and Luang Phrabang, now into Dà Nãng (but I could not find all the correct accents in my keyboard).

Dà Nãng

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