20 November 18th leg VTPH-VYYY (Rangoon) 440 Nm. 21 November 10th day libero. Yangon

November 24, 2017

As alert readers of our blogs, you should have guessed already that one of our next destinations will change it’s name as soon as we arrive. Well done! It happened this time to Rangoon. It became instantly Yangon.

So we departed from Hua Hin Airport after Ulf brought us there, but not after having had a breakfast at his Golf Club.

breakfast with Ulf at his golf club

We said good bye to Ulf but not after he called us from behind the fence saying that he found some money in his car left by us. Well that was correct, but I did that on purpose with the idea he would give it to his personel cleaning the house resp. our hotel after our stay. I was damned (isn’t this an Ulf word I picked up?) sure he would refuse this gesture, so I had to rely on this small trick. Sorry Ulf, but this ‘hotel’ was so cheap that you allow to be somewhat naughty. Thank you again for your superb hospitality.

An argument with the head-office of our handling agent had to be resolved, but the choice of continuing the argument and stay longer at the airport, is always in the favour of the handling agent, ‘maar dit muisje heeft nog wel een staartje’. Later.

Harry seems not very happy with the invoice at Hua Hin Airport…..

We had a long and unpleasant climb out in the sense that we had no visibility even when reaching FL280 [=28.000’] so we were fully dependent on our wx-radar to try to discover any embedded thunderstorms. Only half way to Yangon we got clear skies. Big relief.

the climb out at Hua Hin was not an easy one……

a lot of „bad boys“ embedded CB’s ….

finally we reached our cruising level and flew on top…

We rushed to our nice hotel Chatrium, where Sophie had some arguments with the reservation desk having booked rooms for two days with different agencies and only when we had guarantees that we would to change our room the next evening, we went to our rooms.

Hotel Chatrium, Yangon, Myanmar

Then next day we visited the Shwedagin Pagoda, but we were really toasted because of the terrible heat. A guide we could hardly understand did the rest.

Shwedagon-Paya, Yangon

helpful informations from our guide….

The lazy Buddha

We could not escape from a couple of local/religious traditions, Since this visit we know that Sophie is born on a Saturday; Urs and myself on a Friday.

lucky….. when born on a Friday…..

…mind Harry’s latest outfit please……

A visit/lunch to Hotel the Strand was another small disappointment. Yangon gets a low score. The traffic is horrible and the noise is equally annoying. We are ready for a quick depart tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Harry,we found your
    regards from Rome, to you Sophie and Urs Mariana Hubert..

    by mariana | 25 Nov 2017 | 18:54
  2. Staat je goed Harry! Mooie trip zeg. Stoer weer.

    by Otto Heijst | 26 Nov 2017 | 18:09
  3. Met veel plezier volgen we jullie spannende trip veelal op voor ons bekend terrein… Harry je longyi staat je goed! Je ziet alleen je benen niet … wij zijn net terug uit africa.. tot snel hugs heinvdwijn and conny

    by Heinvdwijn | 28 Nov 2017 | 09:01