23-24 November 11th and 12th day libero. Jaipur.

November 27, 2017

Jaipur did not change it’s name after our arrival. Sophie had been dreaming of Jaipur since the very beginning of our voyage. We -Urs and myself- have been suggesting during different phases of our trip to shorten the Jaipur visit with one day. No way, Sophie insisted not to change it. Now we must admit it was worth a while and I hope that Urs’ photographs will show you why.

Rambagh Palace, a magnificent hotel, close to our SMS hotel. Next time we will stay here and no where else.

Our second hotel (due to booking problems) Narain Niwas Palace. Not recommendable.

Jantar Mantar Observatory with all kind of inventions. We could see the inclination of the earth, clocks indicating the time by sun rays etc etc

Hyper modern Farmacy to buy eye drops for our chief-pilot in command

Mexican-Indian-French trio

Water Palace

S S S S m m m m m o o o o o o g g g g g g g

This was only our first day. From what we have seen from the air and during the above sun set, India must be beyond hope of recovery. In the beginning of our trip we read already in Indian news papers that all schools in Delhi were closed for 5 days because of the smog. The Indian TV shows on all programms a small smog indicator includng a red line starting at 100 which is the danger line/level. At least five cities were over and above the 500 level, so we may expect a new influx of people in Europe in perhaps ten years (?). The population must start dying very soon, if no drastic measures will be taken as from tomorrow. There is no indication that such steps are even considered, poor Indians. Holland would be much too small and much too cold for them. Even when we add France and Switzerland (I still need to discuss this with Sophie and with Urs) there is no realistic hope to accommodate and feed people. Amen.

The second day we visited the Amber Fort. All photo’s speak for themselves. We calculated there must have been 100 elephants in action on the day of our visit. It was so nice that we forgot almost about our smog-shock of the previous day. Well not really, it simply faded away a little bit for that moment.

the question was: climb up to to palace with or without elephants …..??

a hard job under the indian sun….

returning…… – to pick up the next load

waiting for disembarking the passengers….

clever investment at a tourist place

heavy traffic on the elephant track

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  1. Dear Harry and Sophie
    I really enjoy your writing and thé pictures on The blog. Thanks. Sophie

    by SABY | 28 Nov 2017 | 16:55
  2. Dear Harry,Urs and Sophie,
    Every day i start reading
    your reports with great joy. The end is near and
    thanks for your info.
    Have a nice trip home

    by Bob jol757 | 29 Nov 2017 | 09:43