25 November 21st leg VIJP-OPKC (Karachi) fuel and 22nd leg OPKC-OMJH (Sharjah) 1.310 Nm

November 28, 2017

Our longest trip of the entire voyage.

leaving Jaipur and the heavy pollution….

The first leg took us 03:15 To take fuel in Karachi went smooth and fast. No comparison to Kolkata at all. Believe it was also the cheapest fuel of this trip, comparable to ELLX [Luxemburg]. After 01:10 we air borne again. There was hardly any traffic on the air port, nor in the air.

departing Karachi after a fuel stop

leaving Pakistan direction Oman for landing at Dubai Sharjah

The second leg took us 03:40. It was already dark when we landed. The entire trip lasted only 8 hours, including taking fuel in Karachi. Our Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67P turbine engine gives the impression it can go forever and in all the 1.200 hours we have been flying this a/c, there was not the sligthest engine problem whatsoever. Not really any other problems either. It is simply a Swiss watch and we feel safe like an eagle (we even got wing tips, recently copied from the eagles, who must have had them over a million years, capito?).

We were quite tired, but after a taxi ride of one hour we arrived for the second time on this trip in the extremely nice Hotel Grosvenor House in Dubai.

welcome again at Dubai

A dinner and a good sleep to be prepared for the next day: during the day sight seeing and in the evening meeting Ryanne with her hockey team ‘girls’.

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