27 November. 23rd leg SHJH-UDYZ (Yerevan) 1.106 Nm

November 29, 2017

Again a flight in the 2nd category, for us over 1.000 Nm usually taking over 4 hours. In spite of all efforts made by Sandy Zapata of Honeywell USA, we had once again no Charts in our Apex. Again we had to use our iPads to see the departing Airport, the SIDs [Standard Instrument Departures], the STARs [Standard Arrival Routes], the Approaches and Airport at destination. We managed to do that, of course thanks to Urs Old Fox.

We left Sharjah on schedule and we had a relatively smooth flight to Yeravan. 95% of our flight went over Iran.

leaving Dubai Sharjah

Over Shiraz we noticed the same colour we observed during our flight to Iran some 4-5 years ago, a strange colour, hard to give a name,

over Iran/Shiraz

There were very good controllers on the Tower in Yeravan and we had a formidable and efficient reception at the air port, followed by immediate refuelling.

descending direction Yerevan

Yerevan International Airport UDYZ

Once again we made an effort, with new guidance of Sandy, to make take new updates of our INDS system. For that purpose our handling agent Armen Minasyan, a funny and pleasant guy to work with, guided us to the departure hall, where we would have access to a very fast WIFI system. He was right, it was extraordinary fast. We returned to the a/c to make new uploads, but once again we could not see any Charts of Europe.

waiting for the Crew Bus

So we went to our hotel, had dinner with a surprisingly nice Armenian wine and fell asleep knowing that we might again not have Charts for our flight to Varna, but that we had another libero in Varna the next day.

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