29 November. 24th leg UDYZ-LBWN (Varna) 849 Nm.

December 2, 2017

This is an attempt to write the shortest blog of the entire trip.

With new input from Sandy Zapata of Honeywell, we made in the morning another attempt to get our Apex in order with a new INDS upload and this time it has been successful. We had Charts for the first time on this trip for entire Europe, thus including Varna, Locarno and Budel.

departing Yerevan

We had to be careful with clouds, since the de-icing system of our prop was not working for 100%. We could avoid the big clouds over the Black Sea so we nicely avoided any possible complications.

mid way – over the Black Sea

Varna, Bulgaria

Varna is a dull city, but that we knew already. Anyhow we were awaiting the arrival of my eldest friend (though younger than me) Michiel de Haan that afternoon. If I write that complicated story here and now, I will not manage to keep this blog short at all, so I will include it in the blog of tomorrow, the day we will fly to Locarno.

Viva (borrowed from Urs).

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