De laatste loodjes wegen het zwaarst

March 14, 2018

News from Berthon:
All keel bolts are now torqued up.
Please note the lower aft stud position on image 0416 which is now much lower on down inset your fuel tank. This lower position will mean less torsional stress on the aft most bolt.

Consequently next week 20-21 Leen and I will be visiting Winsome at Berthon’s Boat Yard and Winsome’s Cottage. Just checking everything on the boat and on the Cottage.

On Sunday 25 March is our yearly Crew Meeting at the Prins Hendriklaan 5 in Amsterdam from 4pm.

The week thereafter Monday 26 we will drive to Lymington (with the sails) trying to pick up Winsome in that week and possibly -hopefully- participate in the RORC Easter Regatta 30-31 March and 1 May.

Perhaps Simon may join us one day in the RORC Easter Regatta. His main task will be to check if the bolts are holding (..).

Post by Harry Heijst | March 14, 2018 |