Berthon in top shape

March 27, 2018

We, but in particular Berthon’s, are still on schedule. This photo has been taken Monday 26th in the morning.

The next photo 26th in the evening.

Today, 27th, IRC/Campbell Fields has take the necessary measurements ‘supervised by Simon Rogier and Robin Milledge.

IRC Cowes is very nicely cooperating so we expect to have our new Rating Certificate on 28th.

Today I am driving with Leen and Dirk-Jan direction Lymington to arrive Wednesday at Berthon/Lymington.

It is all looking well at the moment but ‘in cauda venenum’. Hopefully we will not find it this time.

Wish us, and yourselves, good luck

Post by Harry Heijst | March 27, 2018 |


  1. Wish you all the luck.You will make it.!!

    by Mariana | 28 Mar 2018 | 09:05
  2. Remarkable, Harry. Your team does it again. Compliments to you, Leen and profi’s (Berthon) involved. Having been responsible for many years in preparing my father’s one-tonner Panda, I know what is means. And boatyards, at least in the Netherlands, have there own way of doing. I wish you and the Eastern regatta team all success. Cheers, Robin

    by Robin | 28 Mar 2018 | 18:59