Working ashore in Cowes, instead of sailing on the Solent

March 30, 2018

It has been a wet cold day.

Without WINSOME we tried to make the vest of this day. I believe we succeeded very well.

1. We took every item out of De Hok, checked what we could throw out and re-shuffled the rest. The success was enormius. Lots of food were taken out and in 90% destroyed. Some medieval rigging such as the shrouds of our radar pole were removed plus some 100 metres sail battens. Too much to write it all down

2. We drank hot chocolate with whipped cream in the Lifeboat restaurant in East Cowes, mainly to dry and get warm

3. We had lunch in West Cowes with Tiffins.

4. We choose a new type of Boom Jacket of TOIO with Helena. Trendy stuff!

Blue Monte Carlo for the crew and Sea Red for our female supporters

5. Floris, Joost N and Herman emptied the kitchen in the same way as thet emptied earlier, assisted by Leen and Dirk-Jan, De Hij. Half the kitchen apparel went to Jackie and to the garbage belt.

6. We visited RORC and Pascall Atkey.

A good day after all.

Post by Harry Heijst | March 30, 2018 |