11 November. Third leg 823 Nm. Belfast-Reykjavik

November 11, 2018

Model of Titanic, in Hotel Titanic

Our hotel was meant to remind it’s visitors to some restaurants, corridors, bars and rooms inside the Titanic. We had to agree they succeeded very well in just doing that.

Our departure went smooth, our agent Global Trek Aviation worked professional and as reported yesterday they were very kind and were pleasant to work with, so we promised them to come back one day, with a reservation that their invoice would be reasonable.

We just managed in our climb to avoid the clouds so that we would not have to travel the entire trip with ice on our wings. Once it is there it will stay until one comes in warmer air. Considering that the air temperatur decreases with 2 degrees Celcius each 1.000’ higher it would have only disappeared upon our descent in Reykjavik, unless it would have been freezing on ground level.

Before passing BARKU we had to ask Iceland Radio for the oceanic clearance

The entire trip went smooth and with a tailwind of sometimes 40 knots giving us a GS [Groud Speed] of 300 knots. The flight took us only three hours.

Reporting Point RATSU – only water…


Passing Reykjavik – descending for a RNAV runway 13

It must have been one of the nicest days in 2018 according to our Agent REYKJAVIK FBO [fixed base operator; one of the strangest abbreviations I had to remember for my examinations]. It was dry, sunny and not cold at all. We reserved hangar space for our return mid December, since surely will encounter bad weather with loads of snow.

and again refueling, now at Reykjavik

We impressed the fuelers with our new Prist gun. We will show you a photo in one of the next blogs.

Reykjavik did not change much after our previous visit here with Laura Dillon in 2015.

I am sorry having no jucier stories for the readers of this blog, but nothing special really happened. Karl May and Jules Verne had better stories, but they really never happened. C’est la différence.

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  1. If desired we could surely “spice-up” your blog from the down(=mother-earth)side but then again it may be a reason for some of your readers to not dare to read your blog any longer so we decided to refrain. Ice on your wings is certainly spicy enough for me and I am sure that he hands you had in Prague would come in handy on this trip as well!!!Have a safe next leg!

    by michiel | 12 Nov 2018 | 09:53