14 November Montreal QU. 15 November Montreal-Newport News. Seventh leg 552 Nm, totalling 2.707 Nm.

November 17, 2018

Though Michiel stayed in the same hotel, he rented the entire upper floor.

Urs stayed in the hotel to work away his backlog.

Sophie and I visited that day Guy Lequient and his wife Nicole in Sutton close to USA border.

Visit to Guy Lequien in Sutton

We had a very nice time and of course we talked a lot about Transport Nanuk and about our getting older. I did not know that Guy is French (Sophie knew it right away) from Northern France who took a one year’s job with Logistec, but stayed in Canada after he met Nicole. That must have been 60 years ago by now. They live in a beautifull wooden house 20 miles from the USA border.

In the evening we had dinner with John (Sveistrup)-Monique, Gerry (Timms)-Christine, Jim (LeVoguer)-Danielle in restaurant Le Monarch. Michiel was still suffering from his jet-lag resulting in fatigue so he did apologize not to attend and stayed in his luxurious upper floor.

Next day departure at 11:00 LT (gentleman’s time). We enjoyed the handling of Av-Fuel H18 enormously both the FBO (new abbreviation Free of charge-Best-Operators) and fuelers were excellent, so hope to see them again 11 December.

Preparing PH-PNG in the Hangar at Montreal CYHU

Departure with good visibility on two ex-Spliethoff vessels. We could see them West of the first lock

Departing Montreal. We observed two Transport Nanuk vessels in Valleyfield: Umiavut [ex Lindengracht] and Mitiq [ex Emmagracht]. We could not read the names, only recognize the colour and the shape of the hull and cranes. John Sveitrup gave me a hand to get the names right.

On the way from Montreal direction New York

As soon we reached our cruising level of 230 we had no visibility at all, so we could not show Sophie nor Michiel any glimps of the Hudson River nor of JFK Airport which Michiel will pass on his return from Nassau Bahamas to Amsterdam on 20 November.

Right upon our arrival in Newport News VA, the fun started. The Custom officers informed us that Sophie and Michiel could not enter the country since they held only an ESTA visa which according to new regulations is not valid on a private a/c.

It became long discussions. We proposed to continue straight to Nassau/Bahamas, but that was not permitted. Perhaps to return to where came from i.e. Montreal might have been a remote possibilty. Two hours later the Customs asked if Sophie and Michiel would be prepared to pay each $585 as penalty. Another two hours later the pilots got permission to taxi the a/c to the FBO Atlantic, which we did. One hour later hours we were all released and were allowed to enter the holy country.

I must admit that each and every custom officer treated us with respect and did what they could within their limits and regulations.

We were not happy at all and especially Sophie became furious. Michiel kept her in reins. Fortunately Sophie had booked us in a very nice hotel The Lodge right on the Golf course Kiln Creek.

A beer and a good dinner cheered us up and the idea that we could leave this hostile country, made us sleep very well.

Will be continued. Be prepared for our next blog please.

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  1. Having read the Nassau blog first where you mention the Holy Land I thought for a moment that a very strong wind from the West North West had thrown you off course and all three of you might now be praying at the wailing wall to be returned by another wind to your planned course. But you were in the holy land donald is making less holy for almost two years already!
    Quite practical to have an entire floor to yourself as my name sake booked for himself especially since he stayed there for a couple of hours only!
    Have a super onwardflight! m

    by Michiel | 18 Nov 2018 | 15:22