Paramaribo-Manaus. Twelfth leg. 862 Nm, totalling 5.658 Nm

November 24, 2018

As a result of a visit of the King of Ghana -arriving with a rented Global a/c- to celebrate the independence in Surinam, the entire area around our hotel was blocked so our taxi driver could not reach our hotel except by foot. The Dutch Minister who had promised to attend, cancelled. Not nice at all.

The taxi driver made it up by driving us at high speeds to the airport. Though we were the only other a/c apart from the rented Global a/c, it took us a long time before we could take off. Reasons: a/c parked at a non-operational fuel-ground-station and the credit card machine at the FBO did not work resp. the lady in charge did not know how it could or how it should be operated. By paying cash in USD we made some friends.

departing Paramaribo with a right turn after departure on course

climb out from SMJP (Paramaribo) direction Georgetown (Guyana) following airway UG443

We had a strange route, probably because there are no airways over Surinam, so we had to fly one hour in the wrong direction to start with

We finally passed the equator and landed in Manaus where we had en extremely efficient turnround by Universal. In 45 minutes our a/c was fuelled and we passed customs.

…too bad, we were a few seconds too late with the photo when passing the equator

Rain during our descend towards Manaus

a real aircraft boneyard at Manaus airport – …..didn’t they pay the landing fees….??

Our helpful handling crew at Manaus (SBEG) from Universal

Post by Harry Heijst | November 24, 2018 |


  1. Dank voor de boeiende verslagen. Happy landings !

    by Elly | 24 Nov 2018 | 16:26
  2. Harry, ich wusste es: Trotz bitcoins, Bares ist immer noch Wahres – Cash in de Täsch – heißt zahl in bar, dann hast du überall auf der Welt Freunde. Kommt gut weiter auf Eurer Reise. Sonne, gute Laune und immer den richtigen Griff ins Steuer.

    by Berlin-Gaby | 26 Nov 2018 | 10:48
  3. Looks like I am back on schedule.
    Dutch ministers who say they will and then don’t: what a way to go! A shame.
    Tomorrw to the cathedral de Cordoba wich is, as you know, built inside the mesquita, one of the most impressive and beautiful buildings and architecture I know, so we wll go there with great pleasure. No no, we will not go and try to find an l.., do not worry. The l.. together with the coca cola machine on top of the cathedral in Milan, were ceratinly a big surprise. The St John in Granada a major baroque surprise. So you see Sophie we do not visit cathedrals only!
    And Sophie,do not forget to bring your favorite pilots back to me!
    Have a super leg!

    by Michiel | 26 Nov 2018 | 13:31