25 November. Brasilia-Rio de Janeiro. Fourteenth leg 530 Nm, totalling 7.319 Nm.

November 27, 2018

Flight preparation in the ICARO hangar at Brasilia SBBR

Before we started I tried to make a chart INDS upload, but failed.

We had no visibility anymore at perhaps 500’ above ground and that lasted until 30 minutes prior to our arrival in Rio de Janeiro.

descending towards Rio

It was not a pleasant flight, since we anticipated icing in clouds and embedded CB’s, but fortunately it did not happen.

Once landed we had to taxi a long distance. Contrary to 2011 the tower talked perfect English. After parking we tried another time, actually two times, to upload our charts. Even the second time, after we discovered we tried to upload more than 480 Mb, we failed. When I called Prof. Dr. Huber at Pilatus factory, it turned out to be a Sunday. One hour lost.

at Rio de Janeiro, Galeao SBGL Apron 1, Stand 142

Universal suggested me to pay right away the landing fees. We did it the lady at the C-Bureau had to fill out so many documents, that we lost another hour.

We had a great welcome at Hetty’s (the daughter of Anita van Aken) palace in Rio.

Soon my oldest school friend Tom Heineman (sorry Michiel, U knew him two years earlier than you)  and his wife Sonja turned up.

Shortly thereafter one of Hetty’s sons, Hendrik, arrived, with his wife Camilla.

We ended the day with a dinner in the palace.

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  1. Scary flight with no visibiltiy. And while you saw notihing Inma and I saw the cathedrals of Cordoba, built within the most wonderful mezquita I have seen ever, as well as the cathedrals of Baeza and Jaen!
    Have a safe onward journey!
    I am back on trackas you see.

    by Michiel | 02 Dec 2018 | 12:06