26 November. Day libero in Rio de Janeiro.

November 28, 2018

Our day was planned to pay a visit to the famous Roberto Burle Marx garden. It was indeed very very special as you will see from the photo’s taken by Urs and Sophie here below

After our garden visit I paid a visit with Tom Heineman to his local barber shop.

last moments -already in the barber shop- of a 14 days young beard

Then we had a nice farewell dinner, during which we celebrated at the same time Joana’s 9th birthday

Bruce and Lucca assisting Joana to get all candles burning

left on the corner next to Bruce: Carola his wife, who did not yet appear on any photo yet

Monday Journal
– we provisionally planned another trip to South America but now not via USA, but via West Africa, Ascencion Island (Southern part of Atlantic) and WC Brazil
– 16 Nov Mireille’s mother died at the age of 99
– 23 Nov Paul de Ru turned 76
– 23 Nov Simeon Tienpont must have won the lottery
– 25 Nov Banderas and Gypsie are now officially engaged

– 25 Nov Aster Zweers turned to an age, to be kept secret
– 27 Oma Títa died two years ago, she would have become 96 years

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