28-29 November at the fazenda Nelore Hetty

December 1, 2018

Harry gave me again the pen.

Actually, we had no time for writing, but riding, discovering, dreaming, resting, drinking, eating, oh my God, so many delicious meals, having eccentric conversations with lovely, warm and loud people, where nobody really understood the language of the other, and lots of laughing.

Beautiful setting of the fazenda on top of a hill

The nature is georgious, exuberant and incredibly generous, farming is modern, with use of embryo transfers on big scale to improve the selection at high speed, leaving me very thinkful about the future of breeding, and feeling a bit like belonging myself to an old slow world.

Harry stood steady to clean the paths from some rare plastics, saying that we would leave each place, we visit, cleaner than it was when we arrived. And indeed, I tried also to convince our gauchos not to throw away the used plastic gloves in the bushes, after we helped a cow to deliver, along one of our rides. They looked at us with a gentle slightly ironical smile. I wonder, if they had an idea of our carbon foot print…. but the world is full of contradictions!

Visit of an hydro electric project on the river falls, below the fazenda

At our last dinner party at Hetty’s friends, we were served two huge stuffed fishes, the very long big one would never fit in an european oven, and I wondered how the twelve of us would ever succeed to honor them both, remembering the story of the two sturgeons, the russian ambassador offered to Talleyrand for an official dinner in Paris. Much too big to serve the dinner, but very undiplomatic not to put them both on the table. So le «diable boiteux» made a croche-pied to the valet bringing the first sturgeon, which walzed on the floor, and Talleyrand then asked to serve the second fish! At least, it is the way my father told the story.

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  1. Again an unbelievable trip and great photos of Harry the Horseman etc.V strage cows with humps, espec the first. What’s the milk like? Had to do some more translation of the last bit! For others linguistically challenged I think you are saying the lame devil deliberately tripped up the waiter bringing the first sturgeon, causing it to fall to the floor, thereby requiring the second to be served. Looking forward to further instalments stuck here in grey damp London. Eddie W-O has just finished the RORC Transat Race in 6 days – but beaten by the Italian MOD 70 by only 45 mins!

    by Andrew | 01 Dec 2018 | 13:37
  2. The Talleyrand story is very
    entertaining and when your dad told you, no doubt true!
    Urs, I know I asked you before, but here once again: can I do five solo-jumps after a short intro course? I did three in the Netherlands quite some time ago with military shutes, more or less the size of a big umbrella, so no canopies like the ones you no doubt use and give you a very soft landing?
    I had sixteen quite big accidenst during my life-time which did no do much good to my back but for the rest I am fit as a fiddle.
    Fascinating, hundreds fo square kilometers of olive plantations we drove through on this voyage, as far as the eye reaches, giving some of the very best olive oils on the market.
    Looking forward to the sitrep of the next leg! Safe journey, m

    by Michiel | 02 Dec 2018 | 13:13
  3. The Harry bit of leaving the world a better place and cleaner than when you arrived sounds like wonderful music to my ears, doing very much the same in ll those mission countries!
    Keep at it Harry, well done!

    by Michiel | 02 Dec 2018 | 13:19