3 December. Nineteenth leg. Santa Cruz-Iquitos, Peru 1.083 Nm, totalling 9.874 Nm.

December 10, 2018

we are ready to start the check-in at Santa Cruz airport

waiting 45 minutes for the start up at SLVR – ATC La Paz couldn’t find our Flightplan

finally we departed at Santa Cruz with 1 hour delay

after landing in Iquitos SPQT we had to wait for 20 minutes in the aircraft due to heavy rain

we arrived at the hotel DOUBLETREE, Iquitos downtown

Harry is a bit tired to find something to write about Iquitos, so I’ll play again the ghost writer, “son nègre” en français!

We arrived quite late at our hotel, which has been entirely nicely renovated since our last visit in 2011. The airport and the city are also in full process of renovation, roads are replacing the muddy paths and the promenade along the Amazon river was refreshed.
Much more tourists too, but still the hippie flair of some lost place.

We went for dinner to our usual bistrot in Iquitos the “Dawn on the Amazon” and found out that the funny community of old British/American homosexuals, who we met last time, were replaced by young dreadlocks backpackers and sporty travellers with appropriate shoes.

Suddenly appeared an old man, definitively anglo-saxon and I said to Harry “ Look! One of our old acquaintances!” And indeed, he was! He sat next to us and we started chatting. He lived here for 17 years and sadly told us that all the others, we met last previously, died…. time is passing and “keiner kommt davon”….

Plaza dos armas

Dinner along the Amazon river at “Dawn on the Amazon”

The next morning, we were welcomed by a serious military celebration on the Plaza Dos Armas in front of our hotel and left “avec les honneurs”

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  1. Ik dacht al dat ik op de zwarte lijst was geplaatst en vroeg mij af waarom, maar neen.
    EEn groet gerustselling. Op deze heb ik al gereageerd dus op naar de volgende!
    Safe journey, m

    by Michiel | 10 Dec 2018 | 13:53