7 December. Twenty-second leg. Georgetown-Freeport, Bahamas. 526 Nm, totalling 12.159 Nm

December 10, 2018

There is not much yo report on this trip. Moreover the server had a crash and there was later not much time to remedy the failure to write something.

Apéro at Emiel’s and Eve’s house at Grand Cayman

We met at Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Chris van den Bol, his son Emiel and wife Eve. It was our second visit in the last ten years, but again Emiel and Eve were so kind to invite us once again at their home for drinks.

The next day we left for Freetown, Bahamas, but not after we took good care of the aircraft.

Here Commander Frischknecht did an excellent job and though it may look that he could easily fall off the ladder, he stayed on it.

It does not happen that our relatively small a/c is shown on one of the electric bill boards at the airport, but here it was there.

Except for our crossing if Cuba, there is nothing to report on this flight of 2,5 hours. Not even any American jets circling around us at [their] stall speed. We had expected more really.

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  1. this one on 6 and 7: while you are racing around the globe, Merkel will go, May seems to be on her way out, leaving the UK in turmoil, Torra is calling for civil war,here in Spain, a total nutcase, Bolsanaro enters his irst corruption case and Netanyahu his umptieth.
    Have safe onward journey and enjoy being up there instead of down here!

    by Michiel | 13 Dec 2018 | 13:57