8 December. Twenty-third leg. Freeport-Montreal. 1.209 Nm, totalling 13.368 Nm

December 10, 2018

We arrived in Freeport, Bahamas, called Lucayan Resort. This was the worst hotel on our entire trip. At the reception the girls quite agressive, forced us to wear plastic armbands (not similar to the one the Hua Wei Princess is wearing now in Vancouver BC) and said we could cancel our reservations any time we liked it. Payment in advance plus $100 for each of us, in case of damages to our room.

We stayed, but not with a good feeling.

Our lunch was served on plastic and the two coffee machines in the coffee bar did not work.

Ok we survived this stay and departed early to the airport for our very long flight over USA to Montreal QU.

It was a fast and cheap turn-round at the airport being virtually the only customer. We were lucky meeting someone with a pile of one-dollar-sheets most with the photograph of President Washington on them. A short discussion resulted in exchanging with him one President-Grant-sheet with (about) fifty President-Washington-sheets.

We departed. Not much visibility until Chesapeake Bay, but on average a tail wind of 10 knots. Until JFK we kept visibility, but the clouds covered JFK completely.

This flight took us just over five hours and we were happy to finally arrive at our favourite airport and FBO at St Hubert. Even the CAD700 we had to pay to the customs because it was a Saturday for them, did not spoil our day.

Post by Harry Heijst | December 10, 2018 |

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  1. Sent you a very entertaining text which vanished compared hotel Bahamas to Ryan air keepinh one on the platform in pooring rain for twenty minutes as a brit just told me but than again what does one expect Malaga Dortmund Malaga for 16 EU, about the real privacy of your super craft(did you ever really test it??) about loosing the sense we earthlings have you way up there
    in the clouds in your avionetta an abut the fast thatthe Chibes princess wears hers on her delicate ankle no doubt with built n chips and not on her ever so delicate wrist.
    But I know those plastic armbands well as biker ofcourse in various colours as in the club Mediterrannee-disgusting but alas.
    Back for Christmas? safe journey!

    by Michiel | 14 Dec 2018 | 10:23