12 December. 26th and last leg. Reykjavik-Budel 1.230 Nm, totalling 16.673 Nm

December 19, 2018

As usual on long flights, we had to get up early, in order to reach our destination in time. However a problem with our INDS [Honeywell/Jeppesen softward for our navigation] upload caused us havoc.

Since we expected this more or less, having tried the upload in the night after our ‘brutal’ arrival, I forewarned Professor Doctor Huber to be standby from 07:00 Swiss time. He was indeed standby and talked us through the problems. Thank you Markus, great job you did. We were just lucky not having used too much of battery-1 staying very long in standby-mode during our Markus-lecture. In Dutch we would say ‘wie is wijs op alle uren’ (Vondel).

So we departed one hour late in relatively good weather.

Leaving Reykjavik

over Iceland

There is little new to write about this trip without repeating myself another time. Also this was a very long flight of 04:54 i.e. only half an hour shorter than the previous (longest) flight.

Passing the West Coast of Scotland, being to the East of us, whereas we were to the West of West Scotland, got it? Oost-West, thuis best.


We landed safely in Budel and unloaded the a/c as much as possible. That afternoon we returned to Amsterdam, but the voyage was not entirely ended since we had Urs to fly back to Locarno, together with some spareparts of the a/c the next day.

But here our story stops. It was long enough. Still I owe the readers one more Journal.

Post by Harry Heijst | December 19, 2018 |


  1. You said it: Oost West, thuis best, but in order for it to be thuis best you have to go Oost West first and the three of you did it once again. Proficiat! Welcome home. Thank you for bringing Sophie safely back to me and you Sophie for doing the same with Harry and Urs!
    Certainly an exciting total trip and Home Sweet Home for Christmas! which I wish you to be Merry as well as the New Year to come!
    I end with a question: the “read all comments”
    did not function on my side: oly two appeared on my screen.
    A bientot, besos y abrazos fuertes, Michiel

    by Michiel | 19 Dec 2018 | 12:21
  2. Harry and Urs,thanks for all the info you gave during the trip. Best wishes also to Sophie for Christmas and 2019
    Bob ans Marlies

    by Bob jol757 | 21 Dec 2018 | 13:46