2019 season will start very soon now

March 11, 2019

Boj has published last week our updated program for races and crew, Version A.9 so please send him your comments or corrections, if any.

Before WINSOME will be launched, SKVETTEN  will be launched in Morsalines. Fortunately it was Leen who strapped her professionally on the trailer. I drove her yesterday with Sophie behind her extremely heavy Land Rover from Loenersloot, via Zoelen, to Morsalines in quite terrible weather. Wind gusts like in our first Middle Sea Race. Le Pont de Normandie over the Seine in Le Havre was closed, so we had to take another route via Rouen.

KVETTEN is only 2,44×1,12 metres and fitted exactly in the trailer

My idea is now bring the sails and some other stuff, by car to Berthon Lymington on Wednesday 3rd of April with Leen and Dirk-Jan. Some more hands are welcome. We should be able to complete our preparation of Winsome by Sunday 8th of April.

Thereafter we will have our yearly Crew Dinner, already indicated in Boj’s program A.9 on Sunday 14th of April from 16:00 to 20:00. Please let me and Boj now if you intend to attend and if so with how many people. I know that it is usually difficult get any reactions from the crew and other guests in time, so let 2019 be different.

After the launching of KVETTEN it will be either SHAKA’s or OT’s or WINSOME’s turn, thereafter LUNA. Last but not least it will be PIKSBORG, but only in June and then entire fleet will be in the water.


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