Winsome, no progress, no decline

March 24, 2019

All is looking fairly well at the moment.

Winsome’s Cottage is being prepared by Jackie. She will have more time for us than in previous years, thanks to a change in her family life. She will be happy to tell you about it. Our Winsome door is looking fine according to JJ of RYS Office. Thank you, Jackie and JJ.

Luna will be placed at Cowes Yacht Haven by the first of April, after Kevin Mole will have done all what is necessary after a winter in the Yarmouth shed. Thank you, Mac and Kevin.

Our usual berth on the inside of the hammerhead of pier Echo will be prepared for Winsome by East Cowes Marina. Thank you, Mike.

I have closed another contract with Cowes Yacht Haven for a ‘tien-ritten-kaart’ for launching and lifting Luna during the 2019 season. This was far from difficult, I only had to say YES to their proposal and it was anyhow a ‘take it or leave it’ offer. Thank you, Finn.

Leen discussed with Berthon the necessary and important details to have stepped the mast and Winsome will be launched Thursday 28th of March. Tim Hare gave us the necessary guaranties that Winsome will be ready in time (including a surprise in the form of a FW indicator for the first time in the 47 years life time of Winsome, most probably). Thank you, Tim and Leen.

Boj did a refill of our medical boxes and prepared our tactical navigation system Expedition to perfection. Field Campbell looked over his shoulder and had no complaints. Thank you, Campbell and Boj.

Joost Heikens will work on our webpage. Thank you, Joost H.

UK-deVries has nearly finished our new Main Sail. The material is now a 50-50% mix of Aramid and Vectran enabling us to gybe a next time with 50 knots of wind!! Pieter van den Hoek will pick it up from Makkum next week. Thank you, Renze and Pieter.

For our new Genoa I and II, the panels made by Incidence have not arrived yet, but since it is the intention to use them principally first in Cowes Week there is plenty of time.

The new Spi-II (range 8-20 knots TWS) is finished, except for the Sevenstar logo. See at the end of this blog. Thank you, Richard.

On Wednesday 3rd of April Leen and DJ will drive my car with sails, medical boxes, pc etc to Lymington whereas I will be dropped by parachute over Berthon’s Boat Yard and we are going to try finish the boat and bring her to Cowes until the end of that week. Thank you DJ and Leen.

On Sunday the 14th of April we will have the Crew Party in my house from 16:00.

On Friday the 19th of April will be our first training race in the RORC Easter Challenge and North will again make an effort to push UK-deVries out of our system.

I do anticipate a great season for Winsome and her crew, for more than one reason.




Post by Harry Heijst | March 24, 2019 |

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  1. Dear Harry and 2019 crew on board as well as land.
    In the first place I wish all of you a super racing year with lots of win “somes” if not all!
    An intriguing star finishes your March 24 newsletter.
    Please explain.
    Harry, a question: may I use one of your coming “Say its!” to possibly draw the attention of your adventurous readership to Quicksilver,
    my 30years old Toyota Lancruiser, fitted out during the last five months in the Netherlands and the planned “Ferd an Enda” in Icelandic , “Journey without End” in English, or would it be a waste of Say it! space since the water- and luchtrotten (dichterlijke vrijheid) have absolutely zero interest in overland journeys?
    ps Still awaiting by now 2(one promised three…or four years ago for all my terribly witty “Say its!” then and one in 2018) silver “Say it!”
    teaspoons. Not because of a lack of Sterling silver teaspoons but the ones I have will stay at the plantation while the “Say it!” ones will travel on board Quicksilver!
    Abrazo, m

    by Michiel | 25 Mar 2019 | 20:33