Crew Party/dinner 14th of April

April 14, 2019

We had a nice gathering of crew from the past and from the present.

In my speech I made a mistake by saying that only following persons, together with me, were on board in the 1999 Rolex Fastnet Race:

Reima Alander, the brother of Leen i.e. Theun Hoogmoed, the father of Alexander and probably Jan and Pieter van Balkom.

I omitted Alexander and Jan-Maarten Boissevain, but I now remember -after a discussion with Alexander- that I fixed with him the dome of the radar by climbing into the radar pole. Mind you this will be 20 years ago when we start the Rolex Fastnet Race 2019.

My apologies Alexander and Jan-Maarten!

Post by Harry Heijst | April 14, 2019 |