Geluk bij een ongeluk. It is an ill wind that blows nobody good.

April 19, 2019

On our first racing day in the RORC Easter Regatta, there was not enough wind to sail a race. At least so the RORC Race Committee decided and we believe it was a good judgement.

After one hour we decided to start working on the boat. Small jobs, left overs, some cleaning, lubricating the ledges, some rigging jobs, kitchen work, checking our sails, updating Expedition (Boj) etc. We also drank a coffee.

After say two hours, with no change in the weather, Floris took the initiative to take the check list for our races and continued with the RORC Off Shore Fastnet Regulations and requirements. It  appeared there was more to do in order to  get Winsome on the Fastnet Race level (Cat 2) than we possibly could have expected.

So finally it became our lucky day, since already now -mind you it is only April- we have a detailed summary of TO-DO jobs. Most of them will be finished prior to the RORC Cervantes Trophy, but we may have to return to Berthon as well for some special items

Post by Harry Heijst | April 19, 2019 |

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  1. This is music to my OCD ears. Hope you’ll get some good sailing in as well though!

    by Hidde | 20 Apr 2019 | 13:02