Again no sailing today, but again discoveries on the boat

April 20, 2019

Let call it another succesfull day, in terms of Winsome’s inspection and preparation for this season, yet to start.

Leen made a check of the inside of the fresh water tank. Dirt, sticky paint certainly not as a fresh water tank should look. We were shocked and I am afraid that Winsome needs to be returned to Berthon very soon.

Floris discovered that our Spinlock deck vests are equipped with exactly the man-overboard (MOB) device as required on the Rolex Fastnet Race 2019. The MOB will be shown on our screen like another boat based upon AIS (Automated Identification System).

Lennard polished the compass housing so everyone can now comb his hair in it.

Laura prayed for wind, but Aeolus did not hear her prayers.

Herman kept an eye on Luna.

Joost Nijhoff bought new kitchen ware.

Boj helped me to get going again on Expedition.

DJ what did he do. Shall we call it supervising?

Joost Heikens, no idea.

I wrote this blog.

When we were nearly sure there would no sailing we went on the water and returned in one hour. We did not see anymore wind than 1,6 knots true wind speed.

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