Testing all sails on Tuesday 3rd of August

August 3, 2021

It was a nice day with not much wind, ideal for a test, or if youwish à check, of our sails not being used since 2019. Some of them had been checked and repaired by Renze Runia resp. UK-de Vries in the winter of 2019-20.

So we started and since we left every and each sail on deck after having used it, the deck became fuller and fuller.

Folding them afterwards took an hour or so. Well it was a total of about 260 square metres.

Reima, who once say 20 years ago, made the Cuben Fibre head Sail IV, made some repairs right away.

We are now nearly ready TO GO

Post by Harry Heijst | August 3, 2021 |


  1. Wish u all good luck TO GO

    by Harry | 04 Aug 2021 | 11:47
  2. Hi Oop -cheers to you and the crew and good luck. The Schubert bunch

    by Reinoud Van Helbergen | 04 Aug 2021 | 19:54
  3. Wat fijn dat de zeilen in orde zijn! Alvast veel succes gewenst met de race. Maak ze gek!

    by Wiecher van Helbergen | 04 Aug 2021 | 19:54