Another day of Not sailing: Thursday 5th of August

August 6, 2021

This day was meant for a sail training, however I had to pick up our Fastnet shirts which were carried by Yoyo Schepers on the Britannia Ferry from Portsmouth to Ouistreham (Caen) arriving at 06:45. Floris accompanied me. We met at the port de plaisance in Caen and took a coffee and a croissant with Yoyo and she gave us our TOIO shirts.

The result of this tour was that Floris and I arrived at Winsome only at 11:00 when the weather had turned sour already. Result: no sailing.

In the meantime our under water hull was cleaned my Marine Gabby of Services sous-marins. The hull was looking good according to the films taken.

We even found our anti sea sickness glasses which we really never tested seriously.

We had a Thai lunch in Cherbourg during which Boj tried to resolve a pc problem he created himself by trying to implement our Iridium phone to Expedition.

It lasted until 22:00 (!) until he could undo it and get our pc again in shape.

Again two more steps to get Winsome in battle dress. In the meantime Laura despatched some items we left at the Cottage and delivered them to the Lodge of the Squadron

The wind in the meantime is increasing and we expect a transit from Cherbourg to Cowes at 25 knots of wind from the West.

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  1. Nice glasses !!! Ready to race ! Enjoy
    Marie and Eric

    by Marie-Dominique Tabard | 06 Aug 2021 | 10:41