Peter Morton came to say good-bye to us for a race he had planned to Crew.

August 9, 2021

Though we had promised other each other to make a conservatieve start, were less than two metres from the start line. Look how we can observe ánd control our own start.

On the other hand we kept our promise to start with G-4. That was no luxury with 30 knots of wind. We came out of the Solent at Hurst Castle as First boat of our Class-4.

Peter made a nice photograph half an hour after the start.

However since we pre-planned to use the exit to the North Channel for various reasons (available to whomever is interested) we could not compare our position anymore with the other boats in class.

Obviously we did not enjoy the three knots of tide in the Needles Channel, but we gained height towards the others. I would say we did not win in position by this manoeuvre, nor loose.

We the headed for Bill of Portland and since we could make the tide at Bill of Portland, we stayed far away from it, say 12 Nm.

We had a rough and unpleasant see and the boat was tossed up and down. The rain did the rest. It was a terrible night and even inside the boat our bunks were partially wet. Boj fell inside and I did he same and arrived at full speed at the kitchen block and bruised some ribs.

Unpleasant. We had no idea which would be our position except that it must have in the first ten.

We changed for G-3 when winds eased to 24 knots.

Now whilst I am typing this message, we are at G-2, wind speed 16 knots, boat speed 6,5 knots

Then we got a score saying our position was 2nd, but half an hour another one saying 31st. Another message later said 1st. Wait and see.

When we started the engine to charge our batteries we smelled rubber: the alternator belt broke.

Now Leen and Richard are trying to repair, but our reserve alternator belt was of a different.

If no more news on this webpage, it does not neccesarily mean that we sunk but you can continue to follow us via RORC or YELLOW BRICK

Post by Harry Heijst | August 9, 2021 |


  1. Get lifepo4 batteries and you can do this race without starting the engine for charging. You should combine with changing alternator to a balmar 6 series with a serpentine belt
    If you want i can install this no labour charges
    Good luck racing
    P.s Saudade set speed record sailing scheveningen ijmuiden in less then three hrs
    Top speed 14 knots average 10

    by Jan Palmboom | 10 Aug 2021 | 10:41
  2. Small humps and bumps, but doing so well Winsome! Tracking you here in Adelaide on my phone and computer! Hope the belt is fixed with Leens and Richards magic, the ribs are less sore and the bunks are dry. Most of all: hope Winsome continues to sail beautifully!! Go team!

    by Hidde Kroon | 10 Aug 2021 | 13:13