Cowes Week 2022, day 6

August 5, 2022

Today we won not only on the water (6th time), but also on rating (2nd time).

It was a perfect race for us, no mistakes were made. Winsome crossed the Solent like a dolphin.

Leen was the only one who observed that our course was shortened at the sailing mark The Boss. Without his observation we would have continued to the RYS finish line and be disqualified. He saved my neck, since this was one of my responsibilities.

Whooper’s crew congratulated us with sportman behaviour.

We are now 2nd in our class, with no realistic chance to win anymore or get 3rd. Technically it would still be possible to become 1st, or 3rd or even lower. Explanations are free of charge.

Tomorrow is our last race. This was the shortest blog of this week.

Post by Harry Heijst | August 5, 2022 |


  1. A perfect day. And we’ll done Leen! x

    by Angela | 05 Aug 2022 | 17:49
  2. Jullie gaan goed! Trots op jullie.

    by Monique | 06 Aug 2022 | 08:31
  3. Well done. Go get them!

    by Wiecher | 06 Aug 2022 | 12:36
  4. Goed gedaan boys!
    Go for it!

    by Mieke Borst | 06 Aug 2022 | 18:25
  5. Top, Harry en proficiat voor Leen. Het is en blijft het succes is van de team.⛵️

    by Alex | 06 Aug 2022 | 23:04
  6. Great pleasure to read and feel how competively you all are to win a race.

    by Harry | 10 Aug 2022 | 19:44