Start of our final preparations at Berthon’s 19th of July i.e. 3,5 days to go to the start of RFR 2023.

July 20, 2023

Our flight to Bournemouth [EGHH] went well. We left Amsterdam at 05:00 UTC and arrived at Bournemouth at 09:30 UTC. Taxi to Berthon’s Lymington. We used the entire day to prepare Winsome. Berthon delivered us the boat with a new prop, installed a new Tuff-luff, filled our tank with nice drinking water from Lymington etc. Tom Wright did a good job!

At 17:00 LT we finally left but not after I put the boat on a bank in Lymington River, just outside Berthon’s. Luna and another (local?) RIB helped us to get afloat. With the tide in our favour we motored towards Cowes. On our way we encountered a wing-foilen boat. Amazing. 

We arrived at Cowes around 19:00 LT and the crew already arrived received their Fastnet jacket. Two days left to equip Winsome! 

First fashion show, presentation of DJ’s Fastnet Race team jackets

Post by Harry Heijst | July 20, 2023 |