Saturday 22-25 July Winsome’s delivery to Cherbourg and our stay in Le Cotentin.

July 26, 2023

Our stay in Cherbourg did us very good. We stayed at Sophie’s farm in Morsalines which is at 30 minutes from Cherbourg. We started with a good sleep and we went back to Winsome to let everything dry.

It was hard to decide what to do with food bought, based upon a calculation 8 (crew) multiplied by 5 (estimated number of days in the Fastnet Race).

The RORC Village was looking good but I had not foreseen that only a few catamarans had arrived already.

Well the sun was shining and we tried to get used to the fact that we arrived say as 5th or 10th, but that we had retired after only 5 hours of sailing.

We observed that Cora, a good competitor is leading in IRC-3 Class and our friends of Pintia as well in IRC-1 Class. We do not have a good idea how many boats retired but it may be as much of 100?

D-J took a train to Southampton to get back to his Grand Banks in East Cowes Marina to mentally prepare for Cowes Week starting Saturday 29th of July. The day after our arrival in Cherbourg Richard Klabbers and Reima Alander took a train to Paris whereas Joost Dantuma joined his family to start their holiday in France.

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