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Cowes Week, Day 3

Weather predictions were rather off. First it was expected to blow very hard during the night, but later the front was expected to pass during the early afternoon. When we went out with a nice south south-westerly wind blowing at about 12 tot 18 knots. The wind was shifting all the time and it was […]

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Ups and downs the WINSOME way

After two days of practice we felt confident. Confident ourselves, confident in the sail wardrobe and confident in the blue Lady WINSOME. An easterly 20kts breeze, a little gusty, was blowing over the Solent. We watched all the starts before us, and were again confident that we should go for the port end of the […]

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Monopoly celebrations.

There is something special about WINSOME. WINSOME being one of the very few 40-year-olds that still wins first prizes in beauty contests. She has got an extra weapon. This winter, her firm round bottom has been re-shaped, re-painted and re-polished; she now has the smoothest bottom you have ever seen. Celebrate with us WINSOME’s 40st […]

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