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Today we sailed 30 minutes but again we found new deficiencies

Finally finally we could leave our berth in the hope we would be able to make some trial starts. Prior to that Floris checked a Spinlock deck vest by letting it drop next to Luna instead of jumping himself in the Solent. The only time I remember he left the boat was on the Solent, […]

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Again no sailing today, but again discoveries on the boat

Let call it another succesfull day, in terms of Winsome’s inspection and preparation for this season, yet to start. Leen made a check of the inside of the fresh water tank. Dirt, sticky paint certainly not as a fresh water tank should look. We were shocked and I am afraid that Winsome needs to be […]

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Geluk bij een ongeluk. It is an ill wind that blows nobody good.

On our first racing day in the RORC Easter Regatta, there was not enough wind to sail a race. At least so the RORC Race Committee decided and we believe it was a good judgement. After one hour we decided to start working on the boat. Small jobs, left overs, some cleaning, lubricating the ledges, […]

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