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Joost Heikens

Rolex Middle Sea Race day 1 – Heikens’ birthday!

At 10.50h 123 yachts were behind the start line in the Grand Harbour. All of a sudden it was not so ‘Grand’ any more. There was very little wind and a lot of disturbed water after the starting canon fired high above us on the old Harbour wall. Every yacht needs some luck now and […]

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Startline information and how to follow Winsome

Just one more day and we’re off. Big compliments go out to Harry and Floris who have prepared the boat in such a meticulous manner and perfect timing that all work is done. We had a safety briefing today after lunch and we are ready to go. If you can have a look at the […]

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Valetta experience and impressions

So except for Leen, who is swimming tonight from Italy to Malta, all crew have arrived. This morning after breakfast we started with preparing the reserve spinaker. To save room we put it in a plastic bag and used a hoover to create a vacume (what else do you use it for?). After putting aside […]

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