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WINSOME in Medemblik

Last week Jongkind worked on the boat and will continue this week. The radardome and screen have been taken out of the boat for repairs/check and will hopefully be replaced/remounted next week. Webasto, Alida (watermaker), navigation lights, lamps on motorpanel: all this is checked and working. Flares are on board. New headsails I and II […]

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Arrival in Medemblik

Today at 1800 we (Pieter J, Stijn, Marjolein, Robbie, Markus Bhend the Porter pilot and Edgar) arrived at Medemblik where Richard and his daughter Noah awaited us. Nice weather, not much wind. As a matter of fact too little wind to sail well with the Cuben Fibre Genoa II, but we used the time to […]

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Our first day of sailing in the year 2008

A beautifull day on the water outside of Lelystad. We sailed out, did some tacks, checked everything and we found little or at least not much that was not in good order. On our way back to Lelystad we hoisted Spinaker II and we did a couple of gybes. We discovered a small hole in […]

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