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Paramaribo-Manaus. Twelfth leg. 862 Nm, totalling 5.658 Nm

As a result of a visit of the King of Ghana -arriving with a rented Global a/c- to celebrate the independence in Surinam, the entire area around our hotel was blocked so our taxi driver could not reach our hotel except by foot. The Dutch Minister who had promised to attend, cancelled. Not nice at […]

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21-22 November. Eleventh leg. Port of Spain-Paramaribo 517 Nm, totalling 4.796 Nm. Day Libero Paramaribo

Paramaribo Airport SMJP – we were the only aircraft on tarmac the coffee we got in Port of Spain was very close to undrinkable – Sophie warned us Final ILS 11 at Paramaribo SMJP I confess, when Harry asked me to write about Paramaribo, that I had no great expectations with the idea of visiting […]

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19-20 November. Cartagena-Port of Spain. Tenth leg 870 Nm, totalling 4.280 Nm.

Cartagena felt immediately very nice and it is hard to believe that in the years I regularly visited Venezuela, the neighbouring country Colombia was too dangerous to even consider visiting. That must have been now some 15 to 20 years ago. Now the situation is the opposite and we found it very pleasant to be […]

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