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It’s over

On the last we needed to make sure that ELAINE AGAIN would not become 1st, since in that case we would have -after a discart- same points. We would be ranked 2nd since ELAINE AGAIN had one more 1st day score than WINSOME. If we sailed or not, really did not matter for our score, […]

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Rolex Fastnet Race with a Crew having done altogether 25 Fastnet races on board of Winsome (20) and other boats.

After RORC Channel Race we had to go to Berthon. MMC Cowes discovered a kind of corrosion resp blisters on the leading edge and on the shoe of the keel, already prior to the RORC Channel Race. We also had to do some make-up on sb of the hull, caused by LONGE PIERRE in St […]

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Finally, finally our reward in RORC’s Channel Race

With ‘Finally’ I referred to RORC’s Myth of Malham Race, with ‘finally’ to RORC’s Cowes-Dinard Race. In all 20 years of Winsome’s participating in RORC races, I believe that we had the most wins in this particular race. So after our frustrations in the two earlier races (plus the Round the Island Race) I anticipated […]

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