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Today we sailed 30 minutes but again we found new deficiencies

April 21, 2019

Finally finally we could leave our berth in the hope we would be able to make some trial starts. Prior to that Floris checked a Spinlock deck vest by letting it drop next to Luna instead of jumping himself in the Solent. The only time I remember he left the boat was on the Solent, […]

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Again no sailing today, but again discoveries on the boat

April 20, 2019

Let call it another succesfull day, in terms of Winsome’s inspection and preparation for this season, yet to start. Leen made a check of the inside of the fresh water tank. Dirt, sticky paint certainly not as a fresh water tank should look. We were shocked and I am afraid that Winsome needs to be […]

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Geluk bij een ongeluk. It is an ill wind that blows nobody good.

April 19, 2019

On our first racing day in the RORC Easter Regatta, there was not enough wind to sail a race. At least so the RORC Race Committee decided and we believe it was a good judgement. After one hour we decided to start working on the boat. Small jobs, left overs, some cleaning, lubricating the ledges, […]

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Crew Party/dinner 14th of April

April 14, 2019

We had a nice gathering of crew from the past and from the present. In my speech I made a mistake by saying that only following persons, together with me, were on board in the 1999 Rolex Fastnet Race: Reima Alander, the brother of Leen i.e. Theun Hoogmoed, the father of Alexander and probably Jan […]

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2019 season is starting to take shape

April 13, 2019

Leen, Dirk-Jan and Harry have already been up to Lymington and brought Winsome to her berth in Cowes. Pier View is open again and the weather is making a turn for the better. Brexit has been postponed so no worries about getting on the island or long queues for customs, yet. To be continued late […]

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Slow progress in Lymington, speeded up in Cowes

April 6, 2019

On Wednesday 3rd of April, I probably catched the last Fly-May-Be flight of the day on which they cancelled 32 flights. Good start. So I had my meeting and lunch with the ladies of RORC IRC Rating Office: Carol, their new comer Sally, Jenny and Emma. There was no competition of Jason, this time. The result […]

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The world of sailing is preparing (for us)

April 3, 2019

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First boat in the water yesterday 28th of March and rigged today

March 29, 2019

The result was 100% better than last year and on the photo’s Winsome is already looking good. The new pre-bend in the mast is quite visible. Our schedule (Leen, DJ and myself) to prepare her is unchanged: Wednesday 3rd of April travelling to Lymington, sleeping in the Mayflower Hotel, preparations for the delivery to East […]

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Winsome, no progress, no decline

March 24, 2019

All is looking fairly well at the moment. Winsome’s Cottage is being prepared by Jackie. She will have more time for us than in previous years, thanks to a change in her family life. She will be happy to tell you about it. Our Winsome door is looking fine according to JJ of RYS Office. […]

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2019 season will start very soon now

March 11, 2019

Boj has published last week our updated program for races and crew, Version A.9 so please send him your comments or corrections, if any. Before WINSOME will be launched, SKVETTEN  will be launched in Morsalines. Fortunately it was Leen who strapped her professionally on the trailer. I drove her yesterday with Sophie behind her extremely […]

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