Power system
Communication systems
Navigation equipment
Miscellaneous equipment

Embarkation checklist
□          Powerline is stored and socket is sealed with cover
□          Anodes are stored (4x)
□          Main breakers (2x) are in horizontal position
□          Converter is switched to “off” or “charge only”
□          Speed sensor (paddle wheel) in position and locked
□          Switchboard “Nav. instruments”, “Autopilot” and “PC” to “on”
□          Switch GPS, B&G MFD, Toughbook and VHF “on”

Disembarkation checklist
□          Speed sensor (paddle wheel) is replaced by plug and cleaned
□          Switch B&G MFD off (right lower button until system shuts down)
□          Shut down Toughbook
□          All Switches on switchboard “off”
□          Anodes firmly connected to hull (4x)
□          Main breakers (2x) in vertical position
□          Powerline disconnected