If the engine has not been used for a longer period of time, say more than a week, the oil level must be read before starting by using the dip stick. After the switch inside has been turned on for use of engine (see chapter IX) the button below the revolution counter on the centre dial is turned. A green light will switch on. Thereafter the engine can be preheated for a few seconds by pushing the button which reads ‘PRE HEAT’, left of the centre dial and only then can the engine be started, provided that in the meantime also the handle of the engine near the helmsman – in its free position – is pushed forward to full throttle. When cruising, the engine will not run over a cycle of 1.800 revolutions, when putting up some more speed, some 2.000 revolutions can be maintained – this looks as if it’s twelve on the clock, so with the pointer straight up – and only in exceptional cases can the engine be used up to 2.200 revolutions. In 2017 the control pannel was moved from the outside to inside Winsome just left of the entrance to the cabin.