a. Division of chores

b. Food and drink
One person will be responsible for the storage of food on board. When we sail with a watch division, someone in the other watch must be aware of the purchases and the division of the food on board. Over the last years, it turned out that it was very profitable for the competition at least, if we ate all at the same time. We now wish to eat with no more than half the crew at the same time. Food on board WINSOME is usually well taken care of. However, it seems that a trend is developing to still more special and copious dining. There is nothing wrong with good and tasty food, no doubt it improves the spirit and helps achieving a good result. Yet it is also important for a good end result that as many of the crew as possible are busy sailing. Creativity is left to the cooks and those who do the shopping, but it is also pleasant if they can keep an eye on the practical side of the meal.