a. Responsibility and liability
Skipper and owner Harry Heijst chooses to sail with friends and acquaintances. Harry has the end responsibility and is in charge of the ship. Sailing with him means that you abide to the set rules and that you adhere to his decisions.

On longer trips a watch leader is appointed, who is the ultimate responsible person and person in charge during the off watch of the skipper.
If the skipper himself is not on board, he always will have appointed a substitute skipper.

Safety is the highest priority during sailing for owner, skipper and watch leader. Victory and pleasure are always fully subordinate to this. The crew is expected to prioritise the safety of fellow crew members and ship.

Still, there is no guarantee to avoid loss of pleasure, possessions, health or life. Everyone who sales with WINSOME is fully aware of this fact and joins the trips wholly under their own responsibility. Skipper, watch leader and fellow crew members are not responsible for any loss suffered. No crew member will start a judicial procedure against another crew member or family of crewmembers for damage suffered in conjunction with sailing on WINSOME. See attachment I.

b. Smoking / Alcohol policy
When not moored there is a strict smoking and alcohol ban on board WINSOME. When moored in port there will be no smoking either on or below deck of WINSOME within a radius of at least 10 Nm.

c. Cost
Every crew member pays his own travel expenses to and from WINSOME, unless different agreements have been made beforehand. It is imaginable that the Skipper provides part of the travel expenses for a student or a crew member that is strapped for cash. In exceptional cases the Skipper will offer funding for the costs of travelling if it suddenly turns out that a crew member cannot possibly travel in the cheapest possible way, for instance when resulting from a request to participate at the last hour. In general, the Skipper will provide for the costs on board WINSOME including food and drink on board and on shore, except what is being consumed in pubs. Also if hotels must be used when there is no or not sufficient space on board, the Skipper will reimburse these costs. Lodgings in Winsome house at number 10, Union Road in Cowes is free always from 14 April 2008 (day of handover).

d. Ship’s lay-out

e. Code of conduct
WINSOME is a smart ship and we want to keep her that way. The old lady must really be the “gentleman” of the fleet. A “gentleman” who wins, of course. As a team we respect one another and our opponents. Without going into extensive detail, this in effect means that we do not yell at each other and especially not swear at each other or at opponents. Furthermore, we help one another with the preparations and cleaning of WINSOME. Unless agreed otherwise beforehand, nobody leaves the group before the ship has been tidied and the crew as a whole is ready for departure.

f. Entering for races
Before the season starts, the planning is sent to all possible crew members by e-mail. Each and everyone is free to enter for every race or regatta, bar a few exceptions  (Cowes Week, Fastnet Race and Sevenstar Round Brittain and Ireland Race). The following principles are employed:
1.    Crewmembers from the previous edition of a race have priority over others when entries are many;
2.    Entering means sailing. When retreating, the crewmember is responsible for finding a replacement. The replacement needs to be approved by the Skipper. If no replacement can be found, you will have to sail yourself ¬- acts of God such as family circumstances, of course, are excepted.

g. Division of tasks
During inshore races the following tasks need to be assigned;
1.    Navigator
2.    Helmsman
3.    Piano
4.    Mainsail trimmer
5.    Genoa /  Spinnaker trimmer (2x)
6.    Mast man
7.    Bowman
Furthermore, during offshore races a watch leader is appointed and a watch schedule is set up. Beforehand, one or two helmsmen are appointed per watch. In principle they steer the ship. Others can only steer WINSOME after approval from the Skipper (In previous years we lost a number of races by a relatively inexperienced helmsman who gave away the built up advantage).

Appointing the different tasks and scheduling the watch is the responsibility of the Skipper. In points VII and IX the different tasks and watch schedule will be dealt with.