safety equipment

a. General safety equipment
The following safety equipment is on board. See attachment II for their location on board.
1. Life raft
2. Emergency helm (below cockpit floor) tied to wooden railing. Key to unscrew cap, hangs from the connection point behind the steering position next to the stairs).
3. Grab bag
4. Fire works
5. Dan Buoy
6. Casting line (attached to pedestal)
7. Sea Anchor
8. First Aid / Medication box
9. First Aid book, last compartment above the galley
10. Fire extinguisher (2x)

b. Personal safety equipment
1. Life jackets
For every member of the crew a Spinlock inflatable life jacket is on board. They hang from hooks from the aft bulkhead of the former shower cabin. Please remember to hang your life jacket back on the same hook everytime, hence keeping the same life jacket during the trip.
2. Personal lights
In red and white sauerkraut container below the life jackets.